GSoC week 05: Upgrade The Patient Flag Module

2 min readJun 9, 2024


I’m now on the 05 th week of my Google Summer of Code (GSoC) journey, and Week 5 was filled with coding, gathering some new knowledge, and facing some unexpected challenges. Here’s a look at what I did this past week.

This week, I focused on aligning the code with the current OpenMRS standards and adding java 17 support to the project. I updated the OpenMRS platform version of the project from 1.9.9 to 2.0.0, ensuring that it aligns with the latest OpenMRS standards. This was a crucial step in keeping the project up-to-date and compatible with current openMRS platform.

Another objective I focused on this week is Adding support for Java 17 to the current module without removing support for Java 8. This dual compatibility ensures that new developers with new Java versions can still contribute to the module seamlessly. As you know OpenMRS is a community driven platform, adding java 17 support can helps to reach more contributors to the organization. To do add java 17 support I added new profile for java 17 in pom.xml file.


One important thing I learned was how to keep our code working on different versions of Java. Making sure our module runs well on both Java 8 and Java 17 meant I had to understand the differences between these versions and fix any problems that came up. While attempting to run unit tests on java 17, some failed due to the inability to pass the user context properly. After discussing with my mentor, we decided to keep the unit tests as they are for now since they are not executing on Java 8.

Plan for week 06

  1. Update documentations
  2. Review the opened PR with the mentor fix the review comment of parallel process.
  3. Open new PR’s for changes I made past week
  4. Collect the requirements of mapping openMRS flag data model with FHIR flag resource.

Each week, I feel more confident and excited about my project. I look forward to the challenges and successes in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for following along with my GSoC journey!

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